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Hi and welcome to my journal! I'm Clare K. R. Miller, writer, knitter, and pet lover... but mostly writer, at least as far as this journal is concerned. Here is a listing of all the original fiction I have posted here. Feel free to add me, leave comments, or whatever else you'd like to do!

Here are my current prompt lists.

I also read and write fanfiction. My main fandoms currently are Criminal Minds, Warehouse 13/Alphas (AKA [community profile] powersverse), and NCIS.

About adding: I'm always happy to have people add me. If you introduce yourself, I'll most likely subscribe back. I won't give access until I've gotten to know you a bit, but if you don't have access, you're not missing much--I am terrible at posting about myself.

Stories last longer: but only by becoming only stories. - John Crowley, Little, Big

I think that people who can't believe in faeries aren't worth knowing. -Tori Amos

I think everyone's a bisexual pagan until proven otherwise. - Sara Ryan, Empress of the World

No matter what one doubts one never doubts the faeries, for... 'they stand to reason.' - William Butler Yeats

I have all the books I could need, and what more could I need than books? - Catherynne M. Valente, The Girl Who Ruled Fairyland (For a Little While)

The Goddess has a fourth face, which is secret... - Marion Zimmer Bradley, The Mists of Avalon

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addergoole, aliette de bodard, alphas, alternate history, alternative history, an intimate history of the greater kingdom, bisexuality, bunnies, but i'm a cheerleader, casefic, celtic, celts, chatoyant college, criminal minds, cymraeg, dar williams, edgar allan poe, emily prentiss, ereshkigal, esperanto, etymology, faeries, fairies, fairy tales, fanfiction, fantastika, fantasy, fantasy fiction, fantasy novels, feminism, femslash, fiction, fleet foxes, folklore, folktales, forensic psychology, francesca lia block, fringe, garth nix, girl genius, goddess, grammar, graphic novels, halloween, harry potter, holly black, intelligent feedback, japan, japanese, john crowley, juno, knitting, kore, labyrinth, lace, languages, linguistics, little big, loreena mckennit, margaret atwood, marion zimmer bradley, mary stewart, meilin miranda, meta, mythology, narnia, nature, ncis, neil gaiman, neville longbottom, online roleplaying, online serial novels, otherkin, padma patil, pagan, paganism, pamela dean, people, persephone, publishing, rabbits, reading, reading voraciously, renaissance faires, sandman, sexuality, shakespeare, sj tucker, speculative fiction, spencer reid, spirit guides, steampunk, storytelling, susan bones, sweeney todd, tales, tam lin, tamora pierce, tarot, terry brooks, the decemberists, the goddess, the hunger games, the lion the witch and the wardrobe, the mists of avalon, the nightmare before christmas, the princess bride, the sixth sense, tithe, to wong foo, unwoman, urban fantasy, veganism, vegetarianism, victoriana, victorians, violet and claire, wales, warehouse 13, web fiction, webfiction, weblit, webnovels, welsh, witchcraft, world-building, worldbuilding, writing, writing fantasy, writing fiction, yarn, ひらがな
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