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Hi and welcome to my Dreamwidth journal! The main thing I post here is original fiction.

My work is posted with varying degrees of privacy. If nothing is listed after the summary, it is a public piece. If it says "locked," then you must be on my access list to read it (usually this is because I want to keep rights of first publication intact). If it says "sponsor this," then the beginning of the story is public, with the rest of it waiting to be unlocked for a donation!

Chatoyant College
A tiny college located somewhere in the Northeast United States, Chatoyant is not very well-known, but those who know of it have usually heard just one thing: it's the only institution in the country that offers magic as a major. Students, if they're lucky (or unlucky, depending on your point of view), find out rather more. The woods around campus are forbidden for good reason, but staying on campus doesn't guarantee safety. Faeries and other supernatural beings have inserted themselves into college life, taking the roles of both teachers and students. Corrie, Dawn, and Edie, three new students, learn about the college, life, and themselves as they work through their first semester.

First on the list, and in many ways closest to my heart. I've spent the most time and the most words in this world, because it's the setting of my ongoing serial novel (almost eight years now), also called Chatoyant College. The serial (currently updating book 12) is available at the website, and the past books are updating on Wattpad. I've also posted a few stories here:

The Faerie Fountain (the fountain in the courtyard sometimes runs with things other than water)
Cold Date (Vertiline Gravette meets Marlin for their date)
Justice (Belara and Feloc deal with an enemy)
October 2015 Patreon story Patrons only!
January 2015 Patreon story Patrons only!

The Wasteland
A post-apocalyptic fantasy world, in which most of the world has been involved in an extremely destructive war, and near the end of the war, some people have begun to discover magical powers. I am planning to write a whole series in this world, Queen of the Wasteland, though I haven't gotten very far with it yet. Part of this is because I haven't entirely figured out how the magic works, and part of it is because I want to create more of the language first.

These stories are listed in loose chronological order.

Origin Story (the beginning of the war)
The Dream (Idne has a prophetic dream telling her about the war and the devastation)
Sabotage (scientists during the war; I'm not sure if this is long or complete enough to try to sell) - locked
Paris (a pair of young lovers make plans that are destroyed by war)
Four People (the ends of four lives) Patrons only!
Seeking Shelter (a newly-minted sorceress trying to figure out her powers and protect her family) - sponsor this for $1 per 100 words
a teaser for...
an incomplete story - locked
Warmth (survival during the war)
Aresha (more survival during the war)
Awakening (surviving germ warfare)
Bunker (Jorik discovers the destruction of his school)
East (two sisters seek civilization) - sponsor this for $4
The Horizon (a lone traveler searches for safety)
The Fork in the Road (two people search for civilization)
Clan Doctor (semi-improvisational healing) - sponsor this for $25
Harvest Day (keeping things normal for the children despite the changes in the world)
Through the Snow (and the children trying to help the parents)
Flowers for the Queen (the funeral of Taia Lucifer)
The Rightness of Rain (a family living in a drought area gets an unexpected blessing)
The Fulness of Family (one family in a religious cult that sprung up after the apocalypse)
Phoenixes (two frequently reincarnated souls)
The Chapel in the Thorns (discovering a library; not canon)
Needle and Thread (heartbreak long after the apocalypse, use of old books)

Extranormal Crimes Division
This is an urban fantasy world in which the protagonists are investigators for the FBI. Lots of different magic and supernatural elements are involved, including vampires, ghosts, kitsune, and Wiccan-flavored witchcraft.

These stories are also listed in loose chronological order.

Hugh is turned to a vampire
Safety (Hugh is distracted by a pretty girl, to rather disastrous consequences)
The Cave (Hugh wakes up a vampire)
Senses (Hugh meets the other vampires)

Other stories
Tilted (the death of Tay's mother) - sponsor this for $8
Not Being Normal (Maggie during puberty, and why she became an FBI agent) - locked
V-Day (Maggie as a high school freshman discovers the Vagina Monologues)
Country Matters (Maggie in high school, rebelling against her parents, acting, and getting her first boyfriend)
Coven (Maggie's girlfriend introduces her to the idea of witchcraft)
Acceptance (Maggie gets into college early)
Really Bad Trip (Maggie in college, having a really weird drug experience)
Perfect Lover (Paul gets a late-night phone call)
For the Love of God, Montressor! (Maggie encounters a particularly awful crime scene and doubts her commitment to the job)
Jenny Greenteeth (Maggie and Hugh hunt up a nasty water creature) Patrons only!
Partnership (Maggie and Hugh are invited to Maggie's parents' house for Thanksgiving) Patrons only!
The Dream of the Lake (Maggie and Lynn go on a hunt for what's disrupting things in the woods)
A Rift (Lynn and her husband deal--sort of--with a trauma she went through)
One-Eyed Harry's (Maggie takes a trip to an occult bookstore)
Stiff (a brief Maggie-and-Hugh moment)
Can't Cut It (Tay, not yet trained, tries to use her new powers)
Bigfoot Hunting (written for [community profile] junetide; Kaede, Hugh, and new agent Darlene on a routine investigation)
The Interdimensional Antique Shop (a fence sells stolen goods from other dimensions) - sponsor this for $20
On the Trail (Kaede and Hugh hunt a serial killer) - sponsor this for $22
Forever (a creepy little vignette)
Terrible Children (another creepy vignette, different characters)

Missing (AU in which Maggie and Tay are a couple) - locked
Twined (more of that same AU, though set earlier) - locked

Four girls, all with the same birthday, all with the same crescent-moon necklace (each bearing a different semi-precious stone), each with a different psychic power. Oh, and there's Maureen. She's definitely not one of them, and yet she has power of her own.

Birthday Present (the Moonsisters receive their necklaces)
New Friends (they meet on their first day of high school)
The Power (Maureen discovers the way to gain strong power)
Tumble (some danger, an injury, and the Moonsisters start to work together)
Maureen (the Moonsisters meet Maureen and know she's dangerous, but not why)
February 2015 Patreon story Patrons only!
...Squirrel (the Moonsisters discover a gross dead squirrel)
Hector (Angel meets her boyfriend)
Guys and Girls (Ivy and Charlotte get harassed at a party)
Which Kind of Gauntlet (Maureen issues a vague and mysterious challenge)
Cowardice (Laura encounters Maureen while alone)

The new one
Nope, this world doesn't have a name yet. It's a sprawling epic fantasy-type world, in that there are multiple cultures, many languages, and lots of history.

The Good Neighbors' Gift (a legend of the Sivrit people) Patrons only!

Arite and Tovran
Originally inspired by something I read in my college linguistics class, this world includes two distinct peoples--well, distinct depending on at what point in the timeline the story takes place. The small, fair Arites are the natives of the isolated land, and the tall, dark Tovrans are their conquerors, driven from their own land by a combination of plague and stronger armies. Considering how long this world has been in my head, I haven't written much. I think I need to do more worldbuilding.

Evanha (a story of Tovrans before the conquest)
The Sheep (an Arite woman reacts--or rather, fails to react--to the Tovran conquest)
Love Letters (an Arite lady, married to a Tovran man, writes to her lover)
Stories for Children (generations after the conquest, a woman teaches different history to her male and female children)

A dystopian, magical, steampunk-ish city, ruled by the magicians, scholars, and priests who control all technology as well as the moral life of its citizens. Fertility is a huge problem in Garthier, as magic tends to destroy it, and the desperately poor (that is, most people who don't work for the ruling class) regularly sell their children. There's also an awesome assassins' guild.

The Fishwife (a woman is thrown out by her husband)
The Mender (worse things happen to her) - locked
The Mother (a form of rescue comes) - locked
The Interdimensional Antique Shop (a fence sells stolen goods to other dimensions) - sponsor this for $20

Prison planet
This setting--like a lot of my stories, actually--started with a dream. "The Cave" and "A Watery Grave" are loosely based on that dream. But the basics of the setting is that these twenty people, political prisoners on Mars, were shipped without knowing it to a remote planet. They quickly discover that the planet was once inhabited, but haven't found any evidence of previous inhabitants. I hope they figure it out eventually because I know what it is and it's cool!

She Would Follow (Natasha finds herself imprisoned with someone familiar)
A New World (the prisoners land) - sponsor this for $7
The Cave (a story of survival)
A Watery Grave (Carla makes a strange and frightening discovery)
To the Ocean (the prisoners seek a more permanent spot) - sponsor this for $10
The Wrong Path (a gruesome discovery) - sponsor this for $31
Calling a Critter a Smeerp (Carla and Natasha attempt to go hunting)

Sefadare and Kunidare
Another pair of distinct peoples, but these two are brother cultures--literally, as you'll see if you read the origin story! I imagine their geography as being similar to the Chesapeake Bay, and they have goat-drawn carts. Well, the kunidare do. The sefadare don't go anywhere.

An origin story
A little wander - sponsor this for $1 per 100 words

Atash is really the name of just one of the countries in this world, but it's the one I began developing first. It's another fantasy world; in Atash, the priests and priestesses have the monopoly on magic, but elsewhere, there are witches who worship a moon god and caravan-traveling nonhumans.

Gathering Herbs (a novice priestess and her mentor) - sponsor this for $1 per 100 words
Interview (Palua tries to be allowed to take healer training) - sponsor this for $1 per 100 words
The Gods Answer (a healer priestess has a lover, and thus, a dilemma) - locked
Love As It Was Meant to Be (a novella about a young Skareyan man and the deal he makes with a witch) - also available as an ebook
Right (Journey finds a wife)

Robot rights
The two main threads of story (one about the first robots, one far-future) are set before and after the robot civil rights movement, but it shapes much of my sense of this world. Moira's story is locked for the most part, since I'm hoping to put those pieces together to build a novel or something.

The Pathless (androids and gynoids must figure out what to do with themselves when their master is dead) - sponsor this for $7
January 2016 Patreon Story (a reworking of "The Pathless") Patrons only!
A Road (sequel to "The Pathless")
Built for Love (a different sequel to "The Pathless") - locked
Possession (sequel to "Built for Love") - locked
Programmed (a robot with a human owner who don't get along very well--mind the warnings)

A Trip to Aruba (Moira as a teenager goes on vacation with her dad)
One Interesting Thing (Moira as a teenager, heartbroken, makes friends with a robot)
Electricity (Moira and Dylan, college lovers)
Soul Seeking (Dylan misses Moira and has help getting over her)
Calling (Dylan fights with his mother)
An Offer She Couldn't Refuse (Moira as an adult at her father's funeral) - locked
Signature (Moira signs her grandmother's contract) - locked
The Team (Moira meets her new team) - locked
The Most Beautiful (Moira on her way to avenge her father) - locked
Revenge (Moira gets revenge) - locked
Drowned (Moira and her team find the dead body of an assassin they'd worked with)
The Best (Moira's uncle Edgar is a jerk) - locked
The Last Moments of Rose Findley (Moira's grandmother dies) - locked
In Flames (Moira's uncle really hates her) - locked
Binnington (Moira and her team get trapped in a building) - locked
Eaten (Moira, her team, and a few employees try to survive trapped in a building) - locked
The Decay of the Mind (Moira, trapped in the building, tries to give up)
An Opening (the door to the building is finally opened and Moira and the others get out) - locked
The Return (Moira finally gets some real food and makes it to Los Angeles) - locked
The Best Boutiques (Moira finds that she's not free of her past, at least psychologically) - locked
On the Internet (Dylan and Lola find Moira on the Internet)
She Has Her Reasons (Brooke and Dylan discuss Moira's mental health)
Jammin' (Moira returns to Dylan's place to find, and join in on, a jam session)
Explosive (Moira has a housewarming party) - Patrons only!

By Any Other Name (AU of Moira Capulet and Dylan Montague) - locked

Falling Into Light
This is the title of a YA novel that I've written, but really need to edit. The stories below are me working out character and world via backstory. Backstory is fun.

The Separation (Lucy and Elian escape from the other world) - locked
The Trees (what happens to Elian next) - locked
Burnt (what happens to Lucy next) - locked
Going Maying (Sasha learns about picking flowers on May 1st as a young child)
Girl Advice (Dylan gets some advice from his dad)
Summer's Beginning (Sasha has a discussion she'd rather not with her mother)

The Ursulan Cycle
The Ursulan Cycle is a (mostly) genderbent version of the Arthurian Cycle--instead of King Arthur, we have Queen Ursula. Most of the knights are women. You can read more about it here. It's an open-source story world, so feel free to jump in if you're a creator--or request something if you're a reader!

Recruitment Day (Uthyr finds women among the mercenaries lining up for a job)
Fists and Faces (Electra defends herself as a woman knight)
Queen of the Hill (Gwanwyn always beats her siblings at games)
Morwenna (Ursula discovers that she is going to have a baby)
Fatherhood (Morgan Tud raises Morwenna with a bit more help than he'd like from Morgause) - sponsor this for $10
Lettered (Morgan Tud goes to a monastery to learn to read and write)
The Shield in the Flame (a young Ursula visits a tourney with her mother Electra and her sister Kate--and makes a surprising discovery)
The New Queen (Morgan Tud learns about the new queen--and a little more about himself than he would like) - sponsor this for $25
Fealty (Morgan swears fealty to the queen)
The Stranger Knight (May 2016 Patreon story) Patrons only!
Held in the Palm (Morwenna and Gwynn have a fight)

Not really its own world, but I write enough that's based on or inspired by folklore that I figured I should give it its own category.

The Frog Prince's Sister - locked (under submission to short story markets)
A Rose But Only Two (a mash-up of "Tam Lin" and "Beauty and the Beast")
A Sea Garden (one of the Little Mermaid's older sisters) - sponsor this for $1 per 100 words

Like it says on the tin: this is a catch-all for nonspecific urban fantasy, or for worlds I just haven't given names to yet.

Closed Circle - (people trapped in a mysterious place) - sponsor this for any size donation
Allie's Secrets (reincarnation and gender!)
Underground: Part 1 | Part 2 (a very strange story that I can't figure out how to categorize)
A Conversation of Thought & Mind (a conversation entirely conducted in flowers) - sponsor this for $1 per 100 words
Steam Therapy (a mother-and-daughter vignette)
Magic Dough (a brief children's tale) - sponsor this for $1 per 100 words
The Test (not Arthurian, I swear) sponsor this for $1 per 100 words
Some Guys Just Can't Hold Their Nightshade (a serial killer)
The Bookstore (a moving bookstore)
Paradise (the wife of a fallen angel)
A Witch in the Kitchen (a woman gives up witchcraft to return to her career as a chef) - sponsor this for $18
The Gate of Lies (a magical initiation) - sponsor this for $12
The Other Side of the Gate (two teen girls discover the world through a gate without a fence) - sponsor this for $1 per 100 words
Air Traffic (a one-legged airship captain has a slight case of air rage)
Lady Margareta's Faucet (fortune telling at a fair)
Dream House (a strange discovery during renovations) - sponsor this for $1 per 100 words
Whispering Woods (a short novel about a young woman and her quest for healing for her land and her psyche)
A Courting Gift (a drabble about the beginning of a courtship)
Never Forget (a doomed love story)
Heart on the Line (a science fiction romance)
The One That Got Away (a horror story) - locked
The Storage Room (the beginning of a strange story)
Kraken (continuation of the same story)
Let Go Too Soon (a steampunk romance)
The Geek (a creepy circus story)
The Bowl (some kind of magic)
December 2014 Patreon story (people trying to survive in the wake of a magic apocalypse) Patrons only!
The New (the beginning of a magic apocalypse)
Wild and Free (more survival in the magic apocalypse) Patrons only!
February 2016 Patreon Story (an agender immortal with a weird and useless power goes on a date) Patrons only!
March 2016 Patreon Story (a woman discovers that her mirror is not actually mirroring her) Patrons only!
Secrets Above (students in a secret spy school) Patrons only!
Jack (a couple's pumpkin-picking bonding activity goes terribly wrong) Patrons only!
The Hunt (the Wild Hunt goes very wrong) Patrons only!
The Monsters (two teens discover some of the truths of the dystopian country they've grown up in) Patrons only!
Etchings (two sisters, separated as children in an orphanage, rediscover their memories of one another) Patrons only!
A Bicycle Built for Three (a gardener meets their two crushes for a very unusual date) Patrons only!
A Race (a girl races her friend for a dive in a flooded city)
Great-Uncle Morrie's Cookbook (a woman tries a spell from her great-uncle's cookbook with disastrous results)
The Scholarship Girl (a poor student is adopted as a friend by the most powerful group in the school) Patrons only!
Kidnapped by Pirates! (a princess is kidnapped by pirates and has to think fast to effect her own rescue) Patrons only!

If you donate, please mention what you're donating for; if you don't specify, I'll apply it to whatever I feel like at the moment, which may be a win/win! If I receive a donation for a specific story but it's not enough for the whole story, I'll update this post and probably post about it as well.

If I earn any money from my writing on Dreamwidth, it goes straight toward rent!
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