Feb. 5th, 2017 08:43 pm
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Yesterday my husband made latkes. Today he made a big batch of soup, chopped some cabbage for me to put in my burritos, and vacuumed most of the house. He's such a good wife!

I'm being tongue-in-cheek when I say he's a wife, of course. But I really appreciate that he works around the house to help and support me, and to encourage me in my dream (our shared dream) of making a living with writing. Neither of us cares that I make more money in my day job than he does in his, or that we don't stick to "traditional" gender roles in our marriage.

We both do dishes, though.
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A post about my goals that I set a year ago, and some new goals for 2014, the exciting year ahead of us!

2013 goals )

2014 goals! )

So there you have it. Happy New Year, everyone, and may 2014 surpass the awesomeness of 2013 by several orders of magnitude!
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Here is an update from my Dreamwidth journal! I am going to try to get in the habit of posting semi-regularly about my life so my friends can find out what's going on with me. This should be cross-posted to my LJ and IJ as well. I won't cross-post everything, but I'll try to cross-post any "life"-type posts.

So, why don't I cover the last week? On Monday I went to my chiropractor, and drove straight from there to Daniel's house (for any new friends reading this, that would be my boyfriend, who lives about two and a half hours' drive south of me). We spent a lovely several days together, cuddling, making each other laugh, and all that good stuff (yes, some very good stuff). We only get to see each other once a month or less, so our time together is pretty focused on enjoying it!

On Friday I got up early and drove the ~45 minutes up the Beltway to my old college, where 2009's graduation was happening. It seems like most of my friends graduated on Friday rather than last year with me; certainly 4 of the 5 different people I've lived with (counting my freshman year roommate, with whom I haven't bothered to speak since sophomore year) graduated on Friday. Actually it's kind of interesting that both of my actual roommates were super-seniors. Anyway, congratulations, you guys! I wish I hadn't worried so much about getting there on time, since there were four people getting honorary degrees and they all had to make speeches. Also, I got sunburned. But the actual commencement speaker, Azar Nafisi, was wonderful, as was the student speaker.

I didn't get to say hi to as many people as I would have liked, but I saw most of the important people. Cyan's parents took us out to lunch, which was tasty, and I had a good time even with her crazy family. It was nice to get to hang out and talk to her again. As much as I love Philadelphia, I am seriously considering moving to Baltimore when I move out; it seems like the vast majority of my friends are there or in the area. Of course, who knows how long it will be before I have money to actually pay rent, let alone things like healthcare and food, so things may change by the time that actually happens.

After that lunch, I drove home, put vitamin E on my sunburned spots, and, I believe, just sat around the rest of the night. Yesterday I knitted, took my bunny out to play, and went grocery shopping with my parents. We have some cool stuff from the CSA we joined this year, so I'm thinking I'm going to cook sometime this week. I've been knitting the Goddess Knits Anniversary Mystery Shawl (link goes to Ravelry; don't bother clicking if you don't have an account), which is fun. I've wanted to do a mystery shawl for a long time (for those unfamiliar with such things, it's a lace pattern that is only released a piece at a time rather than all at once, so you don't know what it's going to look like until it's done), and I've also wanted to do a Goddess Knits shawl, so this is obviously the perfect opportunity, even if I did have to buy new yarn. Clue 2 came out yesterday but I'm still working on Clue 1.

By the way, I have two more Dreamwidth invitations, so if you want one, let me know!


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