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Title: Allie's Secrets
Word count: 1511
Rating: PG-13
Prompt: Original fic commentfest prompt here
Notes: I really had difficulty deciding whether or not this was a heterosexual relationship. I hope the solution I came to works. As always, concrit welcome. Someone else wrote a response to this prompt but I haven't read it yet because I didn't want it to mess with my head!

Allie’s first memory of this life is noticing something’s wrong. She’s pretty sure she must have been potty training; her dad was showing her how to hold her “peepee.” She suddenly realized that’s not how she used to do it. She’s not sure whether she expressed that to her dad, but if she did, he probably misunderstood.

When she was five, they went to the natural history museum. The minute the walked in she asked her mom, “when did I go here before?” Her mom said they’d never been, but she was able to guide them unerringly to her favorite dinosaur skeleton, the stegosaurus, and from there to the gift shop. Her dad, bemused, bought her a stegosaurus mug.Read more... )


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